How to Choose a Roof System for Residential Roofing

30 Nov

The basic structure of a home can usually be completed in about a month or so, considering the size or complexity of its structure.   Whereas the skeleton of the house  can be finished quickly; it only takes the construction of the roof for the house to essentially look like a home.   Roofing is very important since it is the roof of a house that provides its structure with strength thus providing protection for one's family and belongings from any phenomenon that nature brings along.

That's why homeowners don't take this part of home construction for granted.   There is a wide range of systems that are available to you, whether you are building a new house or replacing your old roof.   So then, what roofing system do you opt to use for your home?   There is no simple answer to this question.   Of course there will be factors that should be carefully considered before deciding what kind of roof to put up.   In most instances, it is recommendable to speak to a reputable roofing contractor to determine the most suitable system with respect to the roof's function and how it will conform to the design of your home and your budget too.

Actually, the major factor which determines any roofing is the cost.   Within the cost factor, there are other items that can be of influence.   The cost includes material, current condition of an existing roof, shape, the type and number of fixtures to be used.   Its necessary to employ the expertise of a roofing professional so that you can choose a safe and strong roof regardless of the above factors.

Apart from cost, most choices will come down to the materials.   How much the roof will cost you will be determined by the climate of your area as well as the benefits that each of the systems has.

The Asphalt Shingles system is most common especially in the USA since it is inexpensive,easy to install and offers perfect protection.

Rowlett shingle roofing is also a good system.   Cedar, redwood and southern pine are some wood types that make excellent wooden shingles.   In some regions though, fire  laws restrict use of wood roofing silts.

Next is the metal roof system that is made from copper,aluminum or steel.    Metal roofing is an excellent choice for durable and fire resistant systems.   They are however more costly than asphalt and wood roofs.

The tile roofing kind of system is loved by many due to its Spanish colonial design.    As much as it is strong, it is also costly and heavy. Slate roofing is becoming quite popular.   This roofing is characterized   by strength.   Durable enough to last a lifetime yes, but heavy and expensive.

Regardless of this factors, remember to consult with your roofing expert at to make the best choice.

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